My CIMA journey

My quest for professional designation has taken two years to accomplish. The two-year journey though seemingly short had been very nostalgic with some memories worth reliving.

I have always wanted something different. Professionally. What exactly? I did not know.

I began talking with friends and colleagues about my frustrations: my interest at the work place had evolved from mere number crunching into seeking answers to why some numbers appeared as such. It was obvious that I wanted to be at the center of running the business, not just reporting or auditing the effects ‘after the show’.

A colleague referred me to CIMA website. After visiting the website, I knew CIMA qualification was what I needed to advance my career and satisfy my quest. I was however reluctant to sign up for the CIMA qualification. I had heard from friends that it was practically impossible to complete the qualification. Secondly, I had never failed an exam in my educational life: and did not want CIMA to change that record. But CIMA did!

The journey was very interesting as I passed all the Operational and Management level papers taking two papers per sitting. My interest in CIMA had grown in leaps and bounds and the introduction of the award-winning computerized assessment system with the 2015 CIMA syllabus was a bonus and the kind of assessment system I ever wanted.

My Strategic level exams went well until I failed paper P3 Objective Test a few days to the release of the November 2015 Strategic Case Study pre-seen material. This broke my heart, as I was just a paper away from the Strategic Case Study. I however challenged myself to an over ambitious plan: to retake the P3 OT in a fortnight and prepare for the November 2015 SCS. I retook P3 and passed, but had lost ten days since the pre-seen material was released.

I quickly jumped onto the pre-seen material. I passed the Strategic Case Study Exams at my first attempt. Thanks to LearnCIMA and Samuel Kow Acquah who both guided me and reviewed my mocks to ensure that I was adequately prepared for the exams.

My journey could not have been this successful without the help of Benchmark Professional Training Centre and the dedication certain distinguished CIMA members who are worthy of commendation. They are Noel Atayi, Samuel Kow Acquah, Leo Mensah Sossah, just to mention a few; who provided the professional tuition and guidance required for the exams.

On hearing that I had completed the CIMA exams, one of my tutors said:

‘Oh I am pleased with your qualification. Your journey has been impressively short and remarkable. Encourage your colleagues. I am sure your qualification will serve as an inspiration’

I have since been admitted to membership and authorized to be referred to as a Chartered Management Accountant. I can now use the ACMA, CGMA letters after my name.

I strongly recommend CIMA Professional Qualification to anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding finance qualification. I equally recommend Benchmark Professional Training Centre as tuition provider for this qualification in Ghana.


21 thoughts on “My CIMA journey”

  1. Congrats my bro. This journey is really inspiring, your determination and resolve to succeed will always get you closer to your dreams. I will surely follow your footsteps. Stay blessed always!

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  2. pls am a young lady who has always dreamt to be part of this CIMA qualification but the fear a lecturer once imposed killed my good intentions. pls will you kindly direct me to achieve is my dream?

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    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      If you read my piece you would realize that I faced similar situation like yourself. The victory lies in conquering your fear by facing the CIMA giant and proving the skeptics wrong. It is possible!


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